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Vetmobile Housecall Veterinary Service welcomes your new pet!

New kitten or puppy, adult or senior, your new addition will bring joy to your home.  We want to help you get off to a good start!

Vetmobile Housecall Service welcomes new kittens Vetmobile Housecall Service welcomes new puppies Vetmobile Housecall Service welcomes rescued pets Vetmobile Housecall Service welcomes all

Every new addition should be examined within a few days of joining your family. 

We recommend your new friend receive:

Complete Physical Examination To identify any preexisting issues such as heart murmurs, hernias, abnormal teeth or jaw issues
Intestinal Parasite Screening
To detect and treat intestinal parasites (worms) and to prevent any transmission to other pets
External Parasite Examination To find fleas, lice, ear mites and start appropriate treatment or prevention
Blood Test (age appropriate) Cats/kittens testing for Feline leukemia and immunodeficiency viruses. Dogs and cats over 6 months testing for heartworms.
Nutrition Consultation Determining the correct diet for age and body condition
Behavioral / Training Consultation House training (or retraining), ways to smooth the introduction to other pets,  basic training suggestions
Vaccinations Based on age, planned life style and prior vaccinations, a vaccination program tailored to your pet's needs

If you have not yet decided on your new pet, we would be glad to help you choose a breed or find a suitable rescue.  Please contact us  (507)254-1067 if we can be of help.