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About Vetmobile Housecall Veterinary Service

About Vetmobile Housecall Veterinary Service, Rochester MN Vetmobile Housecall Veterinary Service is a small animal mobile veterinary service providing comprehensive medical, surgical and dental veterinary care. Dr Marlys Kraus' mission is to make every veterinary visit an extra-ordinary experience for both you and your special pet(s) based on knowledge and kindness.  We offer the common veterinary services; but, perform them uncommonly well.  By listening to you, performing thorough physical examinations, and providing clear communication, we help you get the best treatment for your individual pet.

We provide a broad spectrum of diagnostic procedures and testing.  We also work closely with regional laboratories, local practices and many specialty referral centers when special or more advanced veterinary procedures are required. 

At Vetmobile Housecall Veterinary Service we offer sound veterinary advice, as well as comprehensive veterinary care helping you have many years with your beloved animal companion.  Our job is not only to treat your pet when he or she is sick; but, to help you learn how to keep your best friend happy and healthy all in the comfort of your home.