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Vetmobile Housecall Veterinary Service - Euthanasia


"Like all vets, I hated doing this, painless though it was; but, to me there has always been a comfort in the knowledge that the last thing these helpless animals knew was the sound of a friendly voice and the touch of a gentle hand."

                                                                                 ∼ James Herriott

Vetmobile Housecall Veterinary Service at home euthanasia

This may be the hardest decision you ever have to make in your relationship with your loving companion.  If you are having trouble with this decision,  talking with Dr Kraus about hospice and quality of life may assist you.

Our goal is to provide that "friendly voice and gentle touch" with at home euthanasia.  We believe that being at home in privacy and familiar surroundings is a comfort to all involved. 

The euthanasia process:

Euthanasia literally means "gentle death".  A very small needle is used to inject a sedative under the skin.  The patient may feel a tiny poke as the tip pierces the skin; but, this is no greater than any other injection.  This sedative takes from 5 - 10 minutes to take effect.  During this time the pet can be petted, comforted or even fed a favorite treat.  After the pet is asleep, an intravenous injection of a barbiturate is given.  It takes only seconds to reach a total loss of consciousness.  This is followed by respiratory depression and cardiac arrest.  The procedure is quiet, painless and rapid.

After euthanasia several options are available: you may bury your pet at home (if local ordinances allow) or cremation services are available for either private (your pet's cremains are returned to you) or simple cremation (nothing is returned).

The decision to say good-bye to a beloved pet is always a painful one.  Please contact us at (507) 254-1067 if you have any questions or concerns.